Jim Kelleher

Classical Guitarist

Surrey/Hampshire UK

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House concerts are a fun and exciting way to bring live music into your own home, creating an intimate and informal concert setting for your family and friends. I have performed at many house concerts and on each occasion the evening has been highly enjoyable for myself and the listeners.

The way it works is that you pick the date and provide the setting (a large living room is ideal) and invite your friends and family to attend. As the host, you can ask the guests to contribute to the cost, or simply offer the event as a gift to your closest friends and family.

I will then come to your house and perform a set of classical guitar music, selected from my large repertoire. You are welcome to select some of the music yourself, but I do require a 2 month notice period for this as recital performances do require a fair amount of preparation and practise.

If music selection is left to me, I choose a balanced programme of pieces in various styles, including Spanish, Celtic, traditional, Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary classical. A typical programme will include a sprinkling of well known pieces amongst some lesser known (but equally beautiful) music, all carefully blended to create a relaxed and enjoyable ambience. I always introduce the music too, offering background information about the pieces and composers.

Please see the video page for samples of my playing. Testimonials can be found on the weddings & events page.

I can tailor the programme to suit your preference (for example a Spanish and South American flavour). A popular theme I have performed on a number of occasions is my Musical World Tour, playing an eclectic mix of beautiful music from across the globe (please see the sample programme below).

Sample House Concert Programme

Full Repertoire


I perform on a 10-string classical guitar or ‘decacorde’ (which is a talking point in itself). The instrument is fairly unusual, but highly versatile, enabling me to arrange and perform a wider range of music. I’m always happy to answer questions about the instrument.

My only requirements are a dining chair, the odd soft drink/coffee and a free parking space.

Prices start from £160 for a one hour performance within an hour’s travelling distance from my home (GU12 Surrey, UK). A two hour performance is £190, during which I will need a short interval.

Please contact me with any questions or to discuss a booking.

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